About The Conservatory

Projects in the Community

“Soul Key”, “Tuned Tune”, “From Milk teeth to Gold teeth”, Choral meetings, Music lessons for people with special needs

Vision and Goals

Good Music for Everyone Music develops attentiveness, concentration and cooperation. It creates an open, creative and harmonious environment. For many of us, music is a second language that has so many merits. Thus, it is beneficial for everybody. At our Conservatory we educate and train the next generation of musicians. But that is not enough… … קראו עוד

About Us

We have an inspiring home for good music. A home for students and teachers musicians and musicologists, composers and conductors, orchestras and ensembles, choirs and soloists. A place to touch and be touched by good music Founded in 1945, The Lin and Ted Arison Israel Conservatory of Music has been well known and appreciated in … קראו עוד