Projects in the Community


לעברית לחצו כאן For Giv’at Olga Children who participate in the “Afikim” social project The program operates within ‘Technoda’ – a science and technology center established in Giv’at Olga as part of the Neighborhoods’- Rehabilitation Project. For some years now, the Conservatory and ‘Technoda’ have run a musical program for children in grades 1-6, focused … קראו עוד

TUNED TUNE – Music Studies for Children and Youth At Risk

לעברית לחצו כאן The program provides youngsters at risk with an equal chance to acquire high quality music studies, and gives them extensive exposure to music. We believe that every child is entitled to the opportunity to be exposed    to the areas that interests him/her, that are not easily accessible to the child. Becoming integrated … קראו עוד

Soul Key – Rehabilitative Program for military-related PTSD patients

לעברית לחצו כאן The ‘SOUL KEY’ program offers participants to become students at the Conservatory and be exposed to its myriad activities. Participants are offered music and singing lessons within the framework of personal sessions given by the Conservatory teachers, as well as playing in ensembles, group musical encounters, workshops and master classes, all aimed … קראו עוד


לעברית לחצו כאן We have cooperated for some years now with “Imagine,” a voluntary association aiming at empowerment through music: learning, accessibility and nurturing of musical capabilities among communities with special needs. Within the framework of this cooperation, the Conservatory offers a series of music classes tailored to people of all ages with special needs. … קראו עוד

FROM MILK TEETH TO GOLD TEETH – Concerts for all ages

לעברית לחצו כאן YOUNG SOUNDS – Tutored concerts performed by the Conservatory students, designated for toddlers and grades 1-3 in the mornings, and for the entire family in the afternoons. The concerts are held in the Auditorium and are free of charge. . PIANO CORNER CONCERTS – Named after actress Zaharira Harifai, in collaboration with … קראו עוד