SOUL KEY’ – REHABILITATIVE PROGRAM for military-related PTSD patients’

The ‘SOUL KEY’ program offers participants to become students at the Conservatory and be exposed to its myriad activities.

Participants are offered music and singing lessons within the framework of personal sessions given by the Conservatory teachers, as well as playing in ensembles, group musical encounters, workshops and master classes, all aimed to expose them to the various musical disciplines and enrich their experience.

There are group meetings with leading artists, amongst them: Shlomo Gronich, Shlomo Yidov, Shem-Tov Levy Joca Perpignan, Achinoam Nini, Tome Einat, Yoav Kotner and Yoni Rechter, as well as ensembles such as Musethica, The Big Band conducted by Yuval Cohen, and the ‘Flute Choir’ conducted by Hagar Shachal.

Participants in the program can also attend concerts held at the Conservatory.

The Program, that was established in 2016, emphasizes the importance and intrinsic rehabilitative value of music as a creative language and a direct channel to express emotions and cope with difficulties.

The program is operated on a voluntary basis by a team of psychologists under the direction of its initiator, the psychologist Iphat Greenwald- Cohen, with the support of dedicated Conservatory volunteers