Vision and Goals

לעברית לחצו כאן

Good Music for Everyone

Music develops attentiveness, concentration and cooperation. It creates an open, creative and harmonious environment. For many of us, music is a second language that has so many merits. Thus, it is beneficial for everybody.

At our Conservatory we educate and train the next generation of musicians. But that is not enough… We are fully aware that a musician without an audience is like a fish out of water.

We nurture music lovers from all walks of life. The Conservatory generates countless activities to bring children, teenagers and adults closer the marvelous multi-faceted world of music.

Our dual commitment is to cultivate a new generation of excellent musicians, and to attract a new audience for excellent music.

We aim to convey good music to everyone.

On Musical Education in General, and on Educational Excellence in   Particular

Music is one of the earliest foundations of human culture. The first book of the Bible mentions Yuval, “the father of every lyre and pipe,” (Genesis 4:21) alongside Cain and Abel, pioneers of agriculture and pasture.

For hundreds of years music talents have found their way to conservatories to study and develop their musical skills. As early as the first century AD the talented few studied music in monasteries and other religious institutions.

The meaning of the term “Conservatory” as a school of art originates in 16th century Italian orphanages, where the young residents received musical education. Eminent musicians trained students in the courts of kings and aristocrats. Modern conservatories and music academies became prevalent in the 18th century and have been serving as professional institutions for music ever since.

As part of this impressive legacy, the Israel Conservatory is committed to musical education of the highest standards. Training good performers however, is not sufficient. The Conservatory strives to train artists who will safeguard the predominant place of music in human culture. To achieve such ambitious objectives, the Conservatory pursues excellence in every area – faculty and programs, composers and performing artists, as well as a wide variety of ensembles, styles and performances.

The Conservatory trains musicians to understand their instruments’ attributes, to interpret the composers’ intent and, at the same time, to be aware of their own unique voice. In other words – to be musicians who know how to listen to themselves and to others, musicians who can bear the responsibility of performing solo, as well as collaborate with fellow artists in a variety of music ensembles.

                                We have a vision

                                Good music without borders

                                More music lovers

                                Students, composers and performers

                                Good music for all audiences

                                Excellence, education and

                                Harmonious dialogue



It is no enough to teach maximum command of a selected instrument. The Conservatory aims to enrich students with theoretical and practical musical information, including music history and chronicles of the greatest compositions, composers and performers. Such knowledge inspires cultural brilliance –musicians who are proud of their craft and bestow delight and joy on others.

Students in the different tracks are offered professional guidance which allows them both technical and musical advancement, taking into account the individual’s unique personality and traits. Top students, who are willing and able to become professional musicians, are offered a more intensive curriculum and are also assisted in preparing for matriculation exams, academic admissions and scholarship applications.

During the school year students of every age group and level hold concerts; they frequently play music with other students, in ensembles or orchestras at musical events and seminars.

Every Thursday students of all ages and from all departments get together at the “open house’ weekly concerts, which have become a tradition; they listen, perform and become exposed to the wide-ranging activities of the Conservatory.

The Conservatory’s faculty comprises of Israel’s finest musicians. Most of them are experienced and renowned members of orchestras and Chamber-Music ensembles in Israel and abroad. Equally important is the fact that they have a rich background in tutoring and cultivating young musicians.


Every shepherd has his own melody according to the grass and pastures where he tends his flock…

(Rabbi Nachman of Breslov)

They say that the sound of the piano, violins, flutes and cymbals, as well as the sound of choirs and the bustle of music students continued to echo in the Conservatory halls even during the years of renovations when all activity moved to hosting facilities.

The Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv, one of the first institutions of its kind in Israel, presents its students with the opportunity to acquire a love for music and to learn how to excel as artists. The opportunities for learning abound, and include music lessons, choir practice, orchestras and ensembles, in addition to comprehensive academic curriculum, aural skills, musical literature, concerts and performances –  all of which encourage students to expand their musical world and take advantage of the abundance of enriching activities.

 The Conservatory, moreover, has been blessed with dedicated and professional staff, truly driven by the love for music and children, as well as by a strong personal commitment to this fine institution. As a veteran flute player, I wish I had the opportunity to study at the Israel Conservatory to improve my technique.

Every blade of grass has its melody and from these the shepherd derives his song…  On the eve of the Conservatory’s return to its old-new abode on Stricker St., I have every confidence that the Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv will continue to be appreciated as one of the leading music conservatories in the world.

Ron Huldai

Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo

November 2012


Ran Baron, my son, was the first and only student in the first year of the Conservatory’s Jazz studies program (as a matter of fact, this track of studies was initiated at his insistence).

In 2003 Ran was killed in the bombing at Mike’s Place.

When my wife and I came to the Conservatory with the intention of honoring his memory, we were pleased to find a thriving Jazz program with more than 80 students.

In due course I became more and more involved with the Conservatory and realized that, in addition to the Jazz program, other departments flourished, new departments were established and Conservatory graduates were being acknowledged at international competitions world-wide.

I discovered a wonderful institution and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to its development.

Recently we established a Friends Committee in an effort to further position the Conservatory as a leader in its field.

I invite you to browse and become acquainted with this institution’s sources of inspiration, and learn about the variety of educational and musical activities which take place within the Conservatory’s halls.

On behalf of the Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv I thank the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality and the Ministry of Education for their unwavering support of the Conservatory. I thank the Rekavy family for their generous engagement in every mission.

In closing I would like to extend a special thank you to the Arison family. It is no exaggeration to say “without you, we wouldn’t be here.”

Gaby Baron

Chairman of the Board

Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv

November 2012


Hundreds of students, thousands of graduates, countless music lovers and much good music – this is the ‘balance sheet’ of the Israel Conservatory of Music from its inception in 1945 to this day. Musical instruction and a striving for excellence are the “what” and “how” of our being. Extending good music to everyone – that is our raison d’etre.

Following four years of chosen exile, we are back in our new home at the familiar address. The eucalyptus, ficus and casuarina trees surround the new and improved edifice, as if nothing has changed, and the values of our educational path are as deep-rooted as ever. Our guiding principles are: the constant improvement of musical training and performance, along with the cultivation of the next generation of musicians. The melody leading us is: the introduction of good music to an ever growing audience. This melody can be hummed on the way home or chanted loud and clear, with total engagement: to “conquer the world.”

I don’t know if we can conquer the world, but we have chosen total engagement, a commitment to maintain and advance the quality of instruction and the quality of music, as well as nurturing the next generations of musicians and lovers of culture.

I thank the faculty and professional staff – you are the best

Last but not least, my thanks go to you – the ones who assisted, are assisting and will assist the Conservatory in its efforts to reach its objectives and realize its dreams

Costin Canellis-Olier

Director of the Consservatory

November 2012