Announcing The 3rd International Recorder Festival 2020

The Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, is pleased to announce the 3rd International recorder competition which will be held as part of the 3rd Tel Aviv Recorder Festival (TARF) February 2-7, 2020.


The aim of the competition:

To encourage the professional development of aspiring  recorder players and to cultivate Israeli music for the recorder.

The competition is open to recorder players, soloists and chamber ensembles (recorder consorts & mixed ensembles) of all nationalities, with no age restriction.

a. recorder consorts from 2 recorder players and up ( in category 5, from 8 players and up the ensemble can perform with a conductor.)
b. mixed ensembles: trios & quartets should have at least 1 recorder player, quintets and above should have at least 2 recorder players.
The competition will be held between 1st-7th of February, 2020, at the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv.


Competition categories:

  • Soloists up to the age of 13 (inclusive).
  • Soloists between the ages of 14-20 who are students at a pre-academic institute (inclusive).
  • Soloists up to the age of 26 (inclusive) who are students of recorder performance in an academic institute.
  • Soloists of any age, and those who do not fit exactly any other category
  • Ensembles in which all members are no older than 18.
  • Ensembles with no age limit.

Compulsory pieces for the competition:

Soloists: The repertoire for the competition is open for personal choice but it must include the following: a concerto for recorder and strings  or recorder and keyboard, and an Israeli contemporary piece . 
Please notice that the Israeli piece will be performed only on the semi-final.

Category 1 competitors are NOT obliged to perform a concerto.

Ensembles: Free choice of repertoire – with one Israeli piece.

For a list of recommended Israeli Pieces and where to obtain them Click Here

The competition will be held in 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Preliminary:

Candidates who have participated in TARF 2 and have won places 1-3, are automatically accepted to the semi final upon completion of the registration form.

Candidates should send a video recording of 2 pieces of their own choice. The recording does not have to be professional, yet it must show the player performing. The recording should be not older than 1 year.

Recordings or links to recordings online should be sent with the completed registration form by Nov..4th.


Stage 2 – Semi Final:

Candidates should perform at least 2 pieces of their own choice, up to a total of 15 minutes.


Stage 3 – Final:

Soloists (categories 2-4) will perform the recorder concerto (partial or complete) up to a total of 12 min. with the Barrocada Israeli baroque collective, one of Israel's leading baroque ensembles.  The candidates will have 1 rehearsal of 45 minutes with the ensemble on the day of the final.

Soloists of category 1 & ensembles will play a program of their choice up to 15 min


Judgement process:

Videos sent to the competition will be sent to an international panel of judges who will grade the on a scale of 1-10. Candidates receiving an average score of at least 8.5 will be notified immediately and can start preparing for the competition by ordering a flight and booking a place to stay.

Candidates receiving a score of 7-8.5 will have to wait until the end of the registration process to see how they ranked. On each category the 15 top ranking candidates will be accepted, as long as they scored more than 7.0.

The semi final stage will take place in Israel, in a live concert. The panel of jury of each category will select up to 6 candidates to play in the final, and up to 3 finalists to compete in the Israeli music special final.

The final stage will be a live concert.


Announcement of the winners:

The ceremony and final concert will take place on Thursday, February 6th.


Competition Schedule:

Preliminary stage:

Registration form (Soloists/Ensembles) and link to a recording – by Nov 4th, 2019.

Registration form for soloists:

Registration form for ensembles:

Results and the list of candidates selected for the semi finals –  will be sent by Email no later than November 10th, 2019. Some candidates, who excel the preliminary round, shall receive the notice even earlier.


Registration fee:

To be paid only AFTER receiving a message that you were accepted to the semi final in Tel Aviv

Soloists: 30 EU.

Ensembles: 60 EU per ensemble.

Registration fee will not be returned in case the candidate chooses not to participate, for any reason.

 For more information please contact


Prizes include money prizes, professional studio recording of a master, instruments & music accessories. A paid recital at the 2020 Nordhorn recorder festival. A paid recital in the 4th Tel Aviv recorder festival.

Special prizes:

Best Performance of an Israeli piece 

Best Performance of a candidate performing a piece composed by himself/herself

Public favorite

Special prize for the highest ranking southern-asian candidate – performance in a gala concert in Singapore, sponsored by the Briiliant Talent Discovery foundation.

Special prize of performing as a paid soloist in November 2020 with Barrocada – The Israeli baroque collective in 4 concerts around Israel.

The jury have the right not to award all the prizes if they do not find a worthy winner.


Han Tol (Holland)

Meng-Heng Chen (Taiwan)

Sanna van Elst (Holland)  

Regina Himmelbauer (Austria)

Bobby Rootvelt (Holland)

Annabel Knight (UK)

Drora Bruck (Israel)

Sarig Sela (Israel)

Hadas Babayoff (Israel)

Idit Paz (Israel)

Leora Vinik (Israel)

Claudia Gluschankof (Israel)

Professor Shai Burstein (Israel)


Please take notice:

  1. By filling out the registration form, the participant declares to agree with:
  2. The regulations of this competition.
  3. The decisions of the jury.
  4. The directions of the administration of the competition.
  5. The Tel Aviv Recorder Festival has all rights to all recordings and photos or videos of the competition and the festival and can use it for promotional purposes without asking for further authorization from the candidates.
  6. The jury and the administration of the competition can advise candidates about the best category for them.

Enjoy the 2019 – Final Stage concerts: