Winners of the second International Recorder Competition 2019

Congratulations to all Winners of the second Tel Aviv International Recorder Competition 2019

ברכות לזוכי התחרות השנייה לנגני חלילית בתל אביב 2019

Category 1(Soloists up to 13)
First Prize : Reka Dovgomelja (Hungary)
Second Prize : Ssu-Yu Lin (Taiwan)
Third Prize : Yu-Chen Wu (Taiwan)

Category 2 (Soloists who study in a pre-academic institute)
First Prize : Julia Wetzel (Germany) Susanne Knoch (Germany)
Second Prize : Bethanie Liu (Hong Kong)

Category 3 (Soloists who study in an academic institute under 26)
First Prize : Sophia Schambeck (Germany)
Second Prize : Tabea Wink (Germany)
Third Prize : Balint Kovacs (Hungary)

Category 4 (Soloists of all ages)
First Prize : Michaela Koudelkova (Czech Republic)
Second Prize : Yael Tishler (Israel)
Third Prize : Nakamura Hidehiro (Japan)

Category 5 (Ensembles up to 18)
First Prize : Fushan Elementary School Recorder Ensemble (Taiwan) directed by Hui-Chen Cheng
Second prize : The Tel Aviv Conservatory Pua Grinshpon Recorder Ensemble (Israel) directed by Drora Bruck

Category 6 (Ensembles with no age limit)
First Prize : Wood Harmony (Austria) : Marlene Olbricht, Desiree Wohrer, Jasmin Vorhauser
Second Prize : Golden Square (Austria) : Eva Leonie Fegers, Alina Loewenich, Fabio Kepler

Israeli music special prize : Tabea Wink (Germany)