Education Programs

Adult Studies Program

לעברית לחצו כאן                                  “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE” Have you always dreamt of playing a musical instrument? Have you played in the past and wish to go back to this old love? Are you active performers in search of chamber music partners?   We have prepared a special program for you: Chamber music sessions, instrument … קראו עוד

The Center for Jazz Studies

The Center for Jazz Studies was established by the late Amit Golan in 2002 and quickly became a highly acclaimed center for Jazz which offers: Jazz studies for children and youth A collaborative academic program with The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York The Israeli Big Band, Tel Aviv, the Conservatory’s … קראו עוד

Piano Department

Department Head: Amir Fedrovitcz Honorary professor:  Professor Georg Sava (Germany)   The piano department is one of the largest and most prominent departments of the Conservatory, with approx. 200 students.  Throughout the years it has cultivated world renowned pianists composers and conductors in the world of classical and popular music, among them Gil Garburg, Einav … קראו עוד

Preschool music Program

Music is taught at the Conservatory from the age of 3 in the Preschool track, according to the “Delcroze” method – a unique method of teaching music to toddlers. The children learn music through musical games that include motion and singing. Classes center on expression of emotions, aural skills, developing the imagination, ability to improvise … קראו עוד

String Instruments

Department Head – Delia Yaacov The String Instrument department includes: violin, viola, cello, contrabass and plucked string instruments – guitar and harp. The department admits students from the age of 5 on. Teaching programs are individually tailored according to each student’s wishes and abilities. Students interested in studying to play only as part of their … קראו עוד

Wind Instruments and Percussion

Department Head: Yael Mor The Wind Instruments Department offers a program that includes individual lessons as well as participating in orchestral and chamber music ensembles, according to the individual student’s level. The department offers classes in a variety of wind instruments – recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, saxophone and tuba. The … קראו עוד

The Theory and Musicianship Department

Department Head: Dr. Alex Kornhandler Conservatory students participate in Theory classes on a regular weekly basis, within an eight-year curriculum. Among the main areas of study are Theory, Aural Training, History of Music and Music Form. From their fourth year on students are offered also courses in Harmony and Analysis up to the preliminary level of Music … קראו עוד

Voice department & “Bat Kol” Choir

Department Head: Anat Morahg There are three Bat Kol Choirs Bat Kol Representative Choir – ages 12-18, conducted by Anat Morahg Young Bat Kol – ages 9-12, conducted by Dalia Lazar-Shimon Preparatory Bat Kol – ages 6-9, conducted by Dalia Lazar-Shimon Registration to the Conservatory, for choir studies, is possible and includes solfege and aural … קראו עוד