Piano Department

Department Head: Amir Fedrovitcz

Honorary professor:  Professor Georg Sava (Germany)


The piano department is one of the largest and most prominent departments of the Conservatory, with approx. 200 students.  Throughout the years it has cultivated world renowned pianists composers and conductors in the world of classical and popular music, among them Gil Garburg, Einav Yarden, Gil Shohat, Shlomi Shaban and others.


The department’s extraordinary and experienced faculty members offer optimal musical education, cultivate students with professional potential, and enrich children and youth for whom piano lessons become a tool for personal and artistic expression.


“Young Piano”: a preparatory program for children aged 5-7 which offers individual 30 minutes lessons and  group sessions. From the age of 7 on, the program includes a weekly hour, or two half-hour individual sessions and an additional group session in rhythm or theory.


The department holds events throughout the year to give students of all levels an opportunity to present their achievements. Among the many events are departmental concerts around an annual theme, master classes and workshops conducted by well-known pianists. A festive marathon concert, with numerous performers, brings the yearly program to a close.