TUNED TUNE – Music Studies for Children and Youth At Risk

לעברית לחצו כאן

The program provides youngsters at risk with an equal chance to acquire high quality music studies, and gives them extensive exposure to music.

We believe that every child is entitled to the opportunity to be exposed    to the areas that interests him/her, that are not easily accessible to the child. Becoming integrated in leading high quality frameworks can increase the child’s self-appreciation and capabilities.

Studies show the therapeutic impact of music on the human spirit, and its contribution to the development and empowerment of each person and especially of populations at risk.

Musical activity enhances the integration of children at risk in the Israeli society, enabling them to become involved and take social responsibility.

As a leading institution for musical education we are committed to advance the exposure of this population to music.

Acknowledging the significance of musical education we have made it our goal to enable those who are within any children-at-risk framework and who are interested, to take part in the ‘Tuned Tune’ program, which offers them the study of instrument playing or singing in individual and group lessons. They are also invited to participate in the different activities offered to the Conservatory students. Conservatory students and audience equally benefit from the interaction with the community

The program’s teachers – members of the Conservatory faculty – are experienced in working with children at risk. The program is operated by a team of volunteers.

The program materialized through the support of the Azrieli Fund, private funds and donors and the support of Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and Tel Aviv-Yafo Foundation.